Is your central heating system dropping pressure? You might have a hidden leak!

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Need help with a water leak in London?

If so, we are here to help. From Acton to Barking & Clapham to Dagenham, we have you covered with specialist leak detection engineers in your area. We offer competitive hourly rates and ‘no find no fee’ options in various circumstances.
​Phone us to find out whether you qualify.

We are a specialist leak detection company, and we use acoustic detection, trace gas equipment, thermal imaging cameras, moisture mapping and other techniques to find and fix your leak in London.

If you are concerned about a water leak, if you are worried about the damage that may be caused searching for a leak, if you have a leak but no idea where it is, then we are here to help.

As a non-invasive company we use a variety of methods to identify your leak and our gas-safe engineers bring a huge amount of experience to build evidence to find your leak.

If you’re in London and your water company has been in touch to say that you’re using too much water, we can help. We can test your pipework and check to see whether you have a leak. You may unwittingly be paying higher water bills because of a leak. It doesn’t need to be a huge leak but over hours, days and months it may contribute a huge amount to your water bill.

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Do you live in London and your boiler is losing pressure, so much so that you need to top it up every day?

If so, you may well have a leak on the system. We offer a ‘no find no fee’ on heating systems losing a measurable daily amount of pressure. Please phone us to see if you qualify.

In London it’s not uncommon, with the type of housing to be unsure whether you have a leak or a damp problem. We can help. We offer a pipe survey. We pressurise the system as well as use thermal imaging and moisture mapping, and we can check whether you have a leak. If you have leak, we can track it down and fix it. If you don’t, then you know you’ve ruled one out and can move ahead with other options to sort out your problem.

We are experienced dealing with leaks in flats in London, where the impact may be felt by multiple residents, and we are used to dealing with managing agents.

We work with letting agents and have plenty of experience dealing with landlords and tenants to find a water leak.
Whatever the scenario, we are here to help.

We can help if you are using your insurance trace and access policy to help pay for the damage caused. You can submit our reports with photos and videos if applicable to your Insurance company as proof of work. Additionally, we can help with any questions you may have.

We offer straight forwarding transparent pricing and gas-safe, highly experience engineers to find your water leak in London.

We use specialist non-invasive equipment to find your leak, including acoustic detection, tracer gas detection, thermal imaging, moisture meters, salts analysis, borescope cameras.
Our engineers are highly experienced, gas-safe registered and cover all of London.
So for all difficult water leaks in London, give us a call on 01753 378569

An example of our work in a London flat.

The photo shows a pipe in a London flat. It’s not pretty, but it was causing a huge amount of damage into a basement.
What you’re seeing is a pinhole leak with water squirting out under pressure.
Our engineer was able to pinpoint the exact area down to the width of about 2 keyboards.

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We are not an emergency plumber. If you have a visible leak, please contact your local plumber.