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We help the environment by being practical and actually having trees planted on our behalf. For every member of staff we employ we plant 240 trees.

OblongTrees Partnership

OblongTrees was set up by Oblong (UK) Ltd a data processing company that was looking into how to offset their carbon footprint. After going through a series of internal conversations about carbon credits and then looking at other companies that plant trees they felt either they couldn’t be relied upon or were too expensive so instead they took the decision to go out there and plant some trees themselves. Everything is highly documented and recorded.

They launched OblongTrees to help other SME businesses who also wanted to do their bit for the environment in a simple practical manner.

They work with conscientious UK land owners who would like to have trees planted on their land to help the environment, they also have a growing number of brilliant volunteers who help plant and maintain their trees.

They also plant trees worldwide, they are working with an increasing number of international tree planters. It makes sense to plant trees in other countries: firstly, they cost less; secondly, we don’t have space for 1.5 billion trees in the UK; and thirdly, trees planted in the UK grow slowly, planting trees nearer the equator where the is more sun per year means they grow faster and take the CO2 out of the atmosphere quicker.

Our commitment

From Day 1 of setting up Harmuns we have bought 240 trees for every new employee. Planted here in the U.K. and overseas in Peru and Malawi. The Countess of Wessex recently visited their planting partner in the DR Congo.

Our UK trees

These are some of the trees planted on our behalf in the UK in June 2022, near the M40.

OblongTrees recently planted its 10,000 UK tree and is supported by many environmentally conscious companies like Harmuns.

Our trees in Malawi

These are some of the specific Harmuns trees planted in Malawi on our behalf. We also have trees planted in Peru, North America, Indonesia and Peru. With every new employee we buy 240 trees that will be bought and grown in the UK and around the World. 

It’s great working with environmentally conscious companies like Harmuns. Long may they continue to grow!

Dan Whiteman (Managing Director)

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