Is your central heating system dropping pressure? You might have a hidden leak!

Areas We Cover in Guildford, Surrey

Do you have a difficult to find water leak in Guildford, Surrey?

Does your boiler need daily topping up?

No signs of a leak?

Unsure who to ask for help?

Harmuns is here to help.

We are a specialist non-invasive leak detection company, serving Guildford, Surrey and surrounding areas.


A quality service that you can trust

Our engineers are gas-safe and highly experienced.

We use a combination of acoustic detection, trace gas equipment, moisture meters, thermal imaging, borescopes & salts analysis to locate your problem water leak.

We offer a full leak detection survey together with the option to access and fix your leak.

If you are using the trace and access element of your Insurance policy then we can help with our report and photos which you can submit to the Insurance Company.

We also offer a pressurised pipe survey for people who want to rule out a leak as a cheaper starting point than a full survey. Particularly useful for damp properties.

Additionally, we offer a homebuyer pipe survey for people buying a new home or property. Checking in depth the heating system and pipework inside the home.

If you have a difficult to find water leak in Guildford, Surrey or surrounding areas then our gas-safe engineers are ready to help.

We use specialist non-invasive equipment to find your leak, including acoustic detection, tracer gas detection, thermal imaging, moisture meters, salts analysis, borescope cameras.
Our engineers are highly experienced, gas-safe registered and cover all of London.
So for all difficult water leaks in London, give us a call on 01753 378569

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We are not an emergency plumber. If you have a visible leak, please contact your local plumber.