Is your central heating system dropping pressure? You might have a hidden leak!

Areas We Cover in Chelsea SW3

Do you have a difficult to find pipe water leak in Chelsea or nearby in West London?

We are here to help you.
Here are 10, no 11 good reasons we can help.
1. We recognise that every leak is different and in the first instance we will just listen, ask questions and give you the best advice.
2. We find and fix really difficult leaks on pipework and heating systems.
3. We use the very latest technology to give us the edge. Acoustic, trace gas, thermal imaging, moisture mapping.
4. Our prices are very competitive, open and transparent and published on our web-site.
5. Our engineers are gas-safe heating engineers by background with huge leak detection experience.

6. Whether you’re a property owner in Chelsea, tenant, letting agent, managing agent, council, local authority, Insurance company we can help.
7. If you have a quantifiable leak on your heating system, we guarantee to find it or you won’t pay anything. (web-site terms & conditions apply).
8. We will help you as quickly as possible. You will be supported through the process and we want you to know you’re in safe hands.
9. We can help you understand your Insurance trace & access options, if that’s something you’re unsure about.
10. We will send you a comprehensive report with photos shortly after the job for your Insurance company.
11. We are rated 5 out of 5 on google and 10 out of 10 on Checkatrade and our reviews are by real people!

A quality service that you can trust

We are a specialist non-invasive leak detection company.

Our engineers carry specialist equipment which means they find the really awkward leaks that plumbers or heating engineers can’t. A large part of our work is finding leaks on heating systems. Leaks that do not show themselves and which means the engineer has to methodically go through a range of tests to identify where the leak is, before accessing and fixing it.

Our office is in the middle of Windsor, Berkshire, but our engineers work in their local area and cover Chelsea and how can we put this delicately… We treat everyone in Chelsea as though they live in the same town as us. We treat you with respect, friendliness, and a desire to do a job well.

This author lived in Fulham for 10 years and left London without ever feeling that he’d found a company he could truly trust. Luckily for you, I now live in Windsor, where reputation really matters & Harmuns is growing rapidly based on the service we give others and evidenced by the amount of referral work we get from former customers telling their friends about us.

We hope you will find out.

We use specialist non-invasive equipment to find your leak, including acoustic detection, tracer gas detection, thermal imaging, moisture meters, salts analysis, borescope cameras.
Our engineers are highly experienced, gas-safe registered and cover all of London.
So for all difficult water leaks in London, give us a call on 01753 378569

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We fix the leaks
that you can't find

We are not an emergency plumber. If you have a visible leak, please contact your local plumber.