Is your central heating system dropping pressure? You might have a hidden leak!

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Water leak in Basingstoke, Hampshire?

No find no fee guarantee* on boilers losing all pressure daily. Please call us on 01753 378569

We are so confident we will find your heating system leak in Basingstoke that if we can’t, you won’t pay.

If you are fully topping up your boiler every day it is highly likely you have a leak on the system and we will find it, or you won’t pay anything.


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We are a specialist non-invasive pipe and water leak detection company.

Our gas-safe engineers use the latest equipment, acoustic detection, tracer gas, thermal imaging, moisture meters to find and fix your leak.

Our engineers cover the Basingstoke area, and you will have a fixed point of contact with the office and the engineer.

We pride ourselves on our service. Our approach reflects the fact that no two jobs are the same, but our experience and job knowledge means we are very confident in helping you to a successful conclusion.

A quality service that you can trust

Harmuns covers Basingstoke, Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

As a specialist leak detection company that covers Basingstoke, we can help in many scenarios where regular plumbing equipment just won’t enable you to quickly identify the source of your leak.

  • Leak on a heating system?/li>
  • Water meter spinning?
  • Water bill higher than it should be?
  • Water company been in touch to say you have a leak and it’s your responsibility?
  • Localised damp patch suddenly appeared?

Non-invasive means, we don't start pulling things up, pulling tiles off walls or removing flooring.

Our methodical approach means our equipment will find the source of the leak as scientifically as possible.

Acoustic detection, listening for the leak, thermal imaging building a picture of what the eye can’t see, damp meter readings showing where anomalies are, tracer gas, identifying leaks.

All of these techniques and others mean that we build the evidence to show where the leak is and then we can access and fix it for you too.

To book an appointment or call with any questions, please telephone us on 01753 378 569

We use specialist non-invasive equipment to find your leak, including acoustic detection, tracer gas detection, thermal imaging, moisture meters, salts analysis, borescope cameras.
Our engineers are highly experienced, gas-safe registered and cover all of London.
So for all difficult water leaks in London, give us a call on 01753 378569

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We are not an emergency plumber. If you have a visible leak, please contact your local plumber.