Is your central heating system dropping pressure? You might have a hidden leak!

How to find a central heating leak?

With the British weather gracing us with prolonged winters, a lot of us rely on our boilers to keep us warm. However, more use can lead to more issues. A problem with your central heating system at any time of year can be inconvenient, but it is even worse in the winter! 

If your boiler is constantly losing pressure, or you notice a continual hissing from your boiler, you may have a leak in your central heating system. In this article, we are going to explore what a central heating leak is, how to identify if you have one, and how to find a leak in your central heating system so that you can get it sorted as soon as possible.

What is a central heating leak?

Central heating systems are designed to circulate heating fluids through pipes and radiators in order to heat the space. A central heating leak is the unintended release of fluid from the central heating system. They can occur in a number of different areas within the system, such as pipes, valves, radiators and the boiler itself. 

Common causes of leaks in central heating systems include wear and tear, faulty connections, corrosion or pressure issues within the system. A leak can lead to a less efficient heating system and increased energy bills, and if left unattended, they can cause water damage, mould growth and may compromise the performance of the overall heating system.

Finding and fixing these leaks quickly is important to maintain the efficiency of the heating system and prevent potential damage to your home. Regular maintenance can help to stop central heating leaks and ensure the proper function of the heating system. 

How to recognise if you have a central heating leak

Because of the issues that can be caused by a leak in your central heating system, it is important that you understand how to recognise you have one so that you can enlist a gas-safe engineer to find and fix it as quickly as possible. There are a few easy ways to identify that you have a central heating leak.

Dropping pressure

Some leaks, especially those in pipes hidden deep within the walls or under the floor, can be very difficult to detect. While you may notice some damp patches, an easy way to see whether your central heating system is leaking is to keep an eye on the boiler pressure. 

If the water pressure in your boiler keeps dropping and you are repeatedly topping up the system, it is very likely there’s a leak somewhere. If your boiler pressure drops so low that the boiler turns itself off, or if the pressure drops within 24 hours of refilling the system, call a leak detection specialist (like us) as soon as possible.

A dripping boiler

If you don’t tend to notice your boiler’s water pressure gauge (we don’t blame you) another obvious sign of a central heating leak is water dripping from your boiler. You may notice that your radiators aren’t heating up properly and check around and below your boiler for puddles of water. Alternatively, you may physically see droplets falling from the boiler.

A leaking boiler can lead to serious issues, so call a gas safe engineer if you suspect a leak in your boiler. 

Leaking radiator valves

Faulty radiator valves are a common cause of a leak in the system, and so another way of checking whether your central heating system has a leak is to inspect them. You may notice a damp patch directly under your radiator valves, however often the water runs under the floorboards, so they can be quite difficult to spot. 

The easiest way of discovering whether your valves are faulty is by tying a small cloth around the valve and checking in a few days if it is damp. If it is, your valves will need to be replaced professionally to reduce the chances of them leaking in the future.

How to find a leak in your central heating system

As we have already discussed, some leaks are easier to detect than others. If your boiler or radiator valves are leaking, a registered plumber will be able to fix the issue for you. However, if you think there may be a leak in your system, but your boiler and radiator valves remain dry, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Central heating leak detection services use cutting-edge technology to find and fix hidden leaks, ensuring the optimal performance of your heating system. Leak detection engineers are experienced, gas-safe registered technicians that use the most advanced leak detection equipment available in order to detect and locate issues that are hidden to the naked eye.

There are a range of different advanced leak detection equipment to that these engineers use in order to pinpoint issues that remain hidden to the naked eye. This equipment includes trace gas, acoustic detection, and thermal imaging cameras to identify your hidden leak.

Trace gas detection

Trace gas detection is the process of draining the central heating or pipework of any fluid, and replacing it with tracer gases. A ‘sniffer’ device is used to locate the area with the highest concentration of escaping gas. When the gas is detected, the device sounds an alarm to alert that you are close to the location of the leak. 

When used alongside evidence from other equipment, trace gas detection equipment can be very accurate in finding the precise location of the leak.

Acoustic detection

An incredibly sensitive type of specialist acoustic detection equipment is used to pick up the sound of fluid leaking from underground pipework. This equipment helps to determine where a leak is, as the louder the sound, the closer you are.

Thermal imaging cameras

The type of thermal imaging cameras that are used in leak detection are able to pick up heat traces and identify thermal anomalies within the property. When used in conjunction with other detection equipment, thermal imaging cameras can allow you to get incredibly close to the location of the leak.

How Harmuns can help

At Harmuns, we specialise in locating elusive central heating leaks that others cannot find. If you’re experiencing a persistent drop in boiler pressure and suspect a central heating leak, give us a call!

Our team will dispatch a highly skilled, gas-safe engineer to your home to address the issue. Using the latest and most advanced detection equipment, such as moisture metres, thermal imaging, and trace-gas systems, we are able to locate the leak and fix the issue.

You may not need our services right now, but you could in the future. Save our number now to prevent future panic: 01753 378569

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