Is your central heating system dropping pressure? You might have a hidden leak!

How to find and fix a radiator leak

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Coming home to a patch of wet carpet or a pool of water underneath a leaking radiator is possibly one of the most frustrating things that can go wrong around the house. Luckily, fixing a leaking radiator can be relatively easy. In this blog, we are going to explore the causes of radiator leaks and […]

How to find a central heating leak?

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With the British weather gracing us with prolonged winters, a lot of us rely on our boilers to keep us warm. However, more use can lead to more issues. A problem with your central heating system at any time of year can be inconvenient, but it is even worse in the winter!  If your boiler […]

What happens if my boiler pressure is too low?

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We’ve spoken before about what to do when your boiler pressure is too high, but what about when it’s at rock bottom? Low boiler pressure can cause issues in your central heating system if not treated, but luckily, there are some relatively easy DIY solutions that you can do to increase it back to a […]

Boiler pressure too high? Here’s how to fix it

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No one likes being under a lot of pressure, and your boiler is no different. A small increase in boiler pressure is completely normal, but if there’s not enough air in the expansion vessel, the system could become over-pressurised. In this article, we are going to explore what your boiler pressure should be, how to […]